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International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8 every year to celebrate the contribution of women in various spheres of life be it social, economic, political or cultural contributions that women have made to the society. At Montessori Sr. Secondary School too Women’s Day was celebrated as a show of respect towards its lady staff members. This day was filled with hues of pinks as the lady teachers were dressed in pink for the special occasion of Women’s Day at school, making these already beautiful souls look even more elegant. It was an occasion to recognize the efforts of the extraordinary women- the teaching and non- teaching staff who demonstrate acts of kindness, compassion, leadership and determination. The significance of the day taught our students that the world needs to be free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A place where difference is valued and equality is celebrated.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is one of the most popular occasions for children. On this day, they celebrate their mother’s love.
Montessori Sr. Secondary school celebrate every year. A plethora of activities which included -sandwich, salad, garland and crown making competitions, were organised for  the mothers of nursery and  pre – primary children and a ramp walk for the mother and child duo. The winners were adorned with Supermom sashes.
The mothers were welcomed by the Headmistress, and children entertained the mothers with dances and poems. Heart-warming feelings filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement. Mothers along with their children enjoyed taking photos at the photo booths and picture corners!

Montessori celebrated National Science Day in a rapturous way this year. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. N. AVINASH JAYASIMHA, (DFO), Smt. Swechha, Dr. Krishna Mohan and Mrs. Rama Jyothi. Science song, skit made the event more enticing. Winners of various competitions held in pursuit of the some were awarded with mementoes. It was indeed an exuberant event for everyone. 

The Department of Computer Science has conducted a Workshop. Mr. Mrinal Jyothi Hira has given valuable inputs about how Artificial Intelligence using Python Programming. He explained the importance and features of AI in present Generation with Examples. He also made the students to perform live project on Robotics.

Montessorians have won First prize in the inter school science exhibition at Indus school. In connection with National Science Day. Project Tittle: SPACE ROVER

Guest lecturers are expert educators who work in higher education institutes. They usually have experience in specific subjects or specializations and do not have the same responsibilities or benefits as a regular professor. Dr.E. Rajasekhar, Assistant Professor in Physics, Rayalaseema University. Addressing our children to explain about Plasma Physics in the connection with National Science Day.

In the connection with National Science Day, Our Montessori School Conduct Inter School Competitions. The seminar is organized on a specific theme selected. School students of Class VIII & IX can participate in the seminar.  The objective of the seminar is to encourage the school students to make analytical studies of the said topic and present it in a scientific way within a limited span of time. Thus, increasing their capacity to make presentations scientifically and in a precise way.

Scieno – quest 2024 (Inter school Science quiz competition) was conducted for grade 8 & 9 in connection with National Science Day celebrations. Scieno-quest came up with a unique way of quiz in the history of Montessori. The competition was skillful and knowledge enriching one. Participants exhibited ecstatic spirit and tremendous talents and enjoyed the event enthusiastically. 

Montessori school celebrated every year sports day. It is a platform for the children to display their sporting prowess. It starts with the lighting of the torch followed by March-Past, relay races etc. The day is filled with excitement, enthusiasm and fierce competition between students. Pre-Primary Section organises a theme-based Sports Day for the tiny-tots. The event includes Walk Past, PT drills, etc. It is not a competition for them but a day filled with fun, an opportunity to learn the basics of sports and build their self-confidence, motor skills and coordination. The Winners of various events are awarded with trophies, medals and certificates.

“Scieno-fair”-the Science Expo held in Montessori school in connection with National Science Day celebration -2023-24 showcased an impressive array of projects and experiments, highlighting the students’ enthusiasm for scientific exploration in four realms of science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science. It is a platform for students to not only showcase their scientific knowledge but also to enhance their communication and presentation skills. Scieno-fair is a resounding success, providing a glimpse into the creativity and curiosity of grade 6& 7students.

Montessorians are pleased to share a recap of the successful Annual Karuna Celebration, held in our campus under the aegis of our Headmistresses Smt. Rama Jyothi mam, Smt. Shashi kala mam and dignitaries of Karuna association to promote compassion and kindness within our community. The event had brought together prominent educationists from kurnool to celebrate the transformative power of compassion.

The 26th of January, our Republic Day, is a red-letter day as the constitution of free India came into effect. We Montessorians the 75th Republic Day with great eclat. Our young eaglets from Classes 1 to 5 showcased their enthusiasm and zeal by reminiscing the bravery and patriotism of our great freedom fighters. Students highlighted the importance of the constitution of India. The students’ patriotic songs, dance, and short speeches filled the hearts of the audience with patriotic favour. It was captivating to see students in tricolour attires. True to the theme, teachers enlightened students about the fundamental duties and the importance of abiding by the law.

On the occasion of national girl child day Lakshya Montessori children presented a ppt on eminent  women personalities in different fields and celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Our honorable  HM smt Ramajyothi  witnessed the event and encouraged the children  with her inspiring words .

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the recent Infinity Math Olympiad organised by BITS Pilani. Congratulations on the outstanding performance of our Montessorians in the Infinity Math Olympiad! This Math Olympiad was conducted to the senior students in which 54 teams from 11 different countries took participation. Our school team was one among in the top 7 selected teams in which Hansika Reddy bagged Silver Certificate for her outstanding performance. On the other hand, Tanish received merit certificate in it. The Montessori family wish you to continue the journey and explore the fascinating world of mathematics with passion and curiosity

Montessori Senior Secondary School students showcased their spectacular talents on Chrysalis Day on 6th January 2024. Proud parents witnessed the exhibition and encouraged the children. Think lines were provided to students to enhance individual thinking skills. Charts and collages were presented on several topics such as ‘National festivals’, ‘Healthy food’, ‘Community Helpers’ and so on. On the whole, it was a vibrant day filled with creativity. Kurnool District Collector Dr. G.Srijana I.A.S, congratulated teachers and students for their efforts.

Sankranthi is a traditional Indian festival celebrated to mark the start of the harvest season and the arrival of spring. It is also known as Makar Sankranti and is celebrated on the 14th of January every year. At Montessori Senior Secondary School, we celebrated Sankranti by hosting a special event where students learned about the cultural and traditional significance of the festival. The event included a variety of activities such as kite flying, rangoli making, and traditional dances to folk songs. It was a great way for students to learn about the cultural and traditional significance of the festival while also participating in fun activities. Experienced the true spirit of this joyous festival as we celebrated Sankranthi.

National Women Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Remembering Savitribai Phule, the women teacher of India, who showed the path of honor to women and the oppressed communities by educating them, on her birth anniversary Montessori school celebrated and felicitate Women teacher.

In the Karunostav 2023 held at Chennai on 30th and 31st December 2023, Montessori school received the “Best Karuna Club” Award for the outstanding activities conducted.

Hearty congratulations to the winners of essay writing competition on Geeta Jayanthi Purashkar, organized by “ISKCON”

India today, a reputed magazine chose Dr. GAYANI RAJASEKHAR, correspondent of Montessori Indus Schools, to be one among the top 100 women achievers in the field of Education, 2023-24.

We are truly elated to share that Brainfeed Group has selected Montessori senior secondary school, for the School Excellence Awards, 2023-24. The school was chosen as one of the top 500 schools in India in four major categories: Best Academic Excellence School, Excellence in Inspirational Leadership, Excellence in Digital Technology Initiative and Excellence in Career Guidance.

National Mathematic Day Celebrations

The Mathematics day was celebrated with objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day-to-day life situation and also to create students’ interest in studying the mathematics. As part of the celebrations, quiz programme, drawing competition on geometrical designs and talk on Mathematics were organized. The programme was enjoyed by the participants and other students. The students participated in the above programmes with great zeal and enthusiasm and enjoyed the programmes. Respected headmistress also graced the occasion and encouraged the students to participate in such activities in future as well.

The Montessori Sr. Secondary school organized the Open-House for students, classes I to V to discuss the performance of the students with their parents. the parents were given feedback on their ward’s performance where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. The Parents expressed their gratification towards the institution in enhancing the personality of the students. The Achievement report was shown to the parents and their suggestions were noted.

Montessori Senior Secondary School has been honoured with an award from ‘Oxford University Press’, to Mrs. Sri Jyothi Mam by Mr. Mohan Kathari, Educator and Head of Digital Sales Oxford University press, India.  This recognition underscores our overall commitment to providing a top-notch education.

పల్నాడు డిస్ట్రిక్ట్ నరసరావుపేటలో 16 వ తేదీ నుంచి నిర్వహిస్తున్న 9వ సబ్ జూనియర్, జూనియర్ వింటర్  అక్వాటిక్ ఇంటర్ డిస్ట్రిక్ట్  ఛాంపియన్షిప్  మొదటి రోజు పోటీల్లో      గ్రూప్ – 2 విభాగంలో 200 మీటర్స్ ఫ్రీ స్టైల్ ఈవెంట్ లో ద్వితీయ స్థానంలో నిలిచి సిల్వర్ మెడల్, 100 మీటర్స్  బ్యాక్ స్ట్రోక్ ఈవెంట్ లో తృతీయ స్థానంలో నిలిచి బ్రాంజ్ మెడల్ సాధించి బెంగళూరులో నిర్వహించనున్న సౌత్ జోన్ ఛాంపియన్షిప్ పోటీలకు ఎంపికైన చిరంజీవి శృతికి  కంగ్రాట్యులేషన్స్  

“Akhila Bharatiya Rajbasha Hindi Pariksha”, Pune have conducted an exam for school children across the country to provide an opportunity for them to showcase their brilliance in our national language i.e. Hindi.
In this exam students of “Montessori” have secured prizes, gold medals and a citation.  We sincerely congratulate them and wish them more success in all their future endeavours. We extend special congratulations to our VII class student “K.Fahima Saud” for securing special prize and special gold medal in the same exam.

A proud moment for MAP MEDHA, E. Harsha Vardhan Goud, class 6, as he represented lndia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under category C and stood first in the competition of Abacus making Montessori proud and prouder

Montessori Cyber Quest winners (MCQ-2023)

Montessori Cyber Quest winners with the Chief Guest Dr. K. SATYA BABU as HoD of Computer science Dept. IIIT DM, Kurnool. The above competition conducted by Montessori Cyber Club in connection with World Computer Literacy Day.

Vigilance awareness Programme

Montessori NCC cadets took the pledge and rallied for Vigilance awareness Programme.

Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi Winners

Hearty congratulations to the winners of state level essay writing competition, organized by “Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi”

Dist. Library Competition, 2023 Winners

Hearty congratulations to the winners of District level Essay writing, Drawing, Elocution and Quiz competitions, organized by “Dist. Library Association”.

A visit to Vijaya Milk Dairy by students of 9 class today accompanied by their science teachers to have a practical exposure to the processes involved in the unit

“Montessori Premier League-2023”., held from 9th to 11th November 2023. We applaud them for their meticulous and perseverant showcase of brain and brawn power.

Proud Montessorian SAADWIKA of 8 class secured 2 prize in Dist. Level Drawing Competition conducted by Sundaraiah Spoorthy Kendra in connection with Children’s Day

భారత్ వికాస్ పరిషత్ వాళ్లు లాస్ట్ ఇయర్ కండక్ట్ చేసినటువంటి జిల్లా స్థాయి పాటల పోటీలలో గెలిచి రాష్ట్ర స్థాయి పోటీలలో పాల్గొనడానికి అర్హత సంపాదించి,,,

రాష్ట్ర స్థాయిలలో అనంతపురం కడప చిత్తూరు నెల్లూరు కర్నూలు ఈ జిల్లాల నుంచి వచ్చిన విద్యార్థులతో నాలుగు విభాగాలలో పోటీపడి జాతీయస్థాయి పోటీలకు నాలుగు విభాగాలలో ప్రథమ స్థాయిలో ఎంపికైనారు మన విద్యార్థులు.

విద్యార్థులు పోటీపడిన నాలుగు విభాగాలు …. సంస్కృతం పాట హిందీ పాట ఫోక్ సాంగ్ తెలుగు పాట.

జాతీయస్థాయి పోటీలకు వచ్చే నెల 5వ తారీఖున హైదరాబాద్కు వెళ్ళవలసి ఉంటుంది అక్కడ సౌత్ ఇండియా స్టేట్స్ పాల్గొనబోతున్నాయి

World space week – 2023-24 Winners

In connection to World space week – (2023) ISRO has conducted a number of activities in G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool. Montessorians from Grade 6 to Grade 10 actively participated in Quiz, Essay writing and elocution competitions. Results are yet to be declared.


World Teachers’ Day is an international day held annually on 5 October to celebrate the work of teachers. In connection Montessori teachers received best teacher awards, organized by APUSMA.



Swachhata Hi Seva

RISHIKA REDDY of IX Agni receiving 1st place, RAMANI of VII class, M. LIVIA PEARL of VII class receiving the memento from Mr. Hafeez Khan garu MLA  for securing 2nd place and B.HAASINI REDDY of VII class 3rd place in Drawing Competition in Ganesh Utsava Samithi Kurnool.



SHAMITHA REDDY .P of X class for bagged Second place in State level Science Seminar, 2023-24 competition held in Vijayawada.

Mystery of Moon is a tiny endeavour by students of grade 6 & 7 of Techno Block. It gives the students an opportunity to enrich their knowledge about Moon & Moon’s Mission. This presentation made this teachers day one of the most memorable and special day in their lives. The kids showed natural ability to handout presentation in a very well-organized manner. 


To commemorate the birth of the second President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a philosopher and a great teacher, 5th September every year is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. His contribution towards Indian education is undeniable. The Teacher’s Day was organised with incredible gusto and zeal by the students of Montessori Sr. Secondary School, A-Camp. A warm welcome at the school gate with flowers, cards and tastefully decorated ‘ENTRANCE’ was pleasant surprise for all the teachers.

National Sports Day Celebrations

The National Sports Day of India was celebrated in Montessori Sr. Secondary School in Kurnool to the legendary hockey player Major Dhyanchand. The students were told about the importance of ‘Sports’ and the relevance of National Sports Day during the Assembly. On this occasion, all the students from Pre-school to X participated in various sports activities with great enthusiasm and zeal. The little ones had fun while indulging in different activities like Quiz, article writing on Dhyanchand etc. The children learnt a lot about true sportsmanship and the value of playing games. Students were seen playing with true team spirit and the celebration of National Sports Day echoed in the corridors and fields.

Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. Hence to express their gratitude, a wide range of activities were organised on this occasion.


Montessorians take this time to educate on agricultural biodiversity and encourage conservation, healthy recipes made from various ingredients. This is a festival of culinary diversity, helps in promoting a good food culture and foster social interaction.


live telecast was arranged for students in Montessori, A-Camp

Montessorians wishing Best of luck for CHANDRAYAAN-3 soft landing


Montessori Sr. Secondary School organized, Teacher Training Programme to start and strengthen “KARUNA CLUB” in the high schools which stands for value education.                                      


Essay writing competition winners, conducted by Master Minds College, Kurnool in connection with Independence Day celebrations.


On the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations various activities like Quiz, Singing, Essay writing & Elocution Competitions conducted for students.


Elections were held for the posts of Head Boy, Head Girl and Class Representatives in the MAP block of Montessori school, A camp on 5-8-23 to create awareness among the students to inculcate leadership qualities and also to make the children realise the election procedure.

Decoding Future with Olympiads (NCO)

Montessori Sr. Secondary School conduct every year various Olympiad Exams. It is equally important in developing a competitive spirit. The aim of the school is to promote scientific attitude and temperament. Also, it develops better reasoning and thinking skills. National Cyber Olympiad winners received Zonal Level Certificates, Medals & Gift vouchers, organized by SOF, New Delhi.

World population Day Celebrations

Montessorians won the prizes in Essay writing competitions in the connection of World population Day.

Australian National Chemistry Quiz Achievers (ANCQ)

Montessori Sr. Secondary school conducted every year Australian National Chemistry Quiz is a unique chemical education activity. It provides a major focus for secondary school students on the relevance of chemistry in an exciting and stimulating way. The Australian National Chemistry Quiz aims to promote interest in chemistry and the role of chemists in our society. The Australian National Chemistry Quiz is not a nationwide assessment of chemistry knowledge, but rather an opportunity to promote Chemistry and for teachers to gauge the understanding their students have of the subject. Students receive a Certificates, Certificates of Merit to acknowledge their efforts at Credit, Distinction and High Distinction levels.

Montessori Sr. Secondary school swimmer K. SRUTHI participated in the Senior Inter District Aquatic Championships held at Narasaraopeta, Andhra Pradesh on 8th & 9th July 2023, organised by Swimming Association, Guntur Dt. She secured first place in 50m Butterfly event, received Gold Medal and Certificate.

International Olympic Day Run Celebrations

Montessori Sr. Secondary School celebrate International Olympic day to commemorate the founding of the International Olympic committee and promote the value of the Olympic movement. On this occasion the sports department conducted various games & sports and created presentation to enlighten the students about various facts about Olympics

Zoonoses day

Montessori School celebrated Zoonoses day on 6 July 2019. ‘Zoonotic’ means infectious diseases that are spread between animals and people. Many children interact with animals in their daily lives, both at home and away from home. Pets offer good companionship and entertainment. However, some animals can carry harmful germs that can cause illness. The focus of this day was to create awareness of such diseases among students. This day commenced with the speech of Dr. KARTHIKA LAKSHMI & Dr. BABY STEFFI. In her speech she highlighted the benefits of raising children with pets.

Traffic Awareness Programme

Traffic DSP Sri Naga Bhushanam garu motivating students about road safety and Traffic Rules.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

World Environment Day Prize Winners

“Environment is a gift to us, save and secure it”

Montessori Sr. Secondary School celebrate every year “World Environment Day” is a campaign observed world wide every year on 5th of June to raise awareness about environment, protection of nature and the planet Earth.

World Environment Day is a platform for encouraging consciousness and action for the protection of environment. This day provides us with an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals in preserving and enhancing the environment.

Colourful charts, paintings were displayed at the school foyer depicting concern about the environment and the way to tackle the problem of pollution and global warming by planting more trees every year. The paintings also gave the message to keep the surroundings clean and save the planet Earth.

Slogans on World Environment Day encouraged and motivated the students to beautify the surrounding areas through plantations, greenery, saving water etc. This day also reminded that we have only one planet to live on, it is our home and only we are responsible to maintain its natural beauty forever.