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Swadhyaya: The Science App ® a cloud-based cognitive tool for students that provides an opportunity to explore science concepts at own pace and on the go with the help of games, simulations, videos, and analytical questions. This helps to go beyond the school curriculum and explore concepts in depth (higher-order thinking). Better learning through experimentation is the core idea based on revised Bloom’s taxonomy. The Science App® enables students to experience, learn, become creative, improve analytical and communication skills, boost productivity, and improve self-confidence by doing rather than mugging up.

Swadhyaya a Science App (WebApp and Android App) for Classes 8-10th, is a simulation / game-based learning content, compliant with CBSE curriculum, enables the Montessori to share the content over commonly used communication apps like MS-Exchange or Google Meet with the students as part of regular classes and conduct the Labs Virtually on a weekly manner or as intended. The bulk school bundle enables schools to give individual login access to their students and enable them to study on their own if it is not part of their normal school plan.

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